Happy New Year!

I know it's a few days late but I wanted to pop in and say- Happy New Year! The past few months have been hectic and there's still 2 more until the February Bar rolls around. The only good part is that I know what the next two months will hold: sitting, studying, occasional trips to the dog park, and more studying. Not exactly the most glamorous life but this needs to be the last time I take it so it's all systems go!

Luckily though, the past few months have been plenty exciting enough to keep me sated for a while.

My family and I went to go see my sister's school play in the Peach Bowl (in an RV):

I did some recurring background work for American Crime (catch it January 6, 9 pm CST on ABC!):

I saw a disturbingly large chicken fried steak:

We celebrated Christmas:

And of course, the new Star Wars:

I'm thankful for the unexpected break that the past few months have been. Sometimes you don't get what you want so that you can get what you need. For me, it's Study Central until February and I hope I'll have good news to report to you all! I hope everyone's had a good 2016 so far!