How to Work When You're Sick

So this past weekend, one of two things happened. Either the rain blew in some unbelievably awful allergen or J gave me his disease but either way, I ended Sunday night with a sore throat and by Monday, I was a mess. Sneezing, coughing, stuffy (and also somehow runny?) nose, the whole shebang. I was in denial for most of Monday but by Tuesday morning, it was undeniable: I was sick.

I'm pretty sure it was allergies but that didn't give me a while lot of confidence that I was capable of reading, much less higher level thinking. I also had my interview, which was somewhat time sensitive, which I really wanted to ace. During my lunch break, I took to the Internet and searched through no less than fifty columns about how to work while sick. I polled co-workers. I asked strangers in the hall. Here's the best advice I found:

1. Ginger root tea. It sounds (and tastes) pretty awful but it makes you sound infinitely less congested. I added grated fresh ginger, honey, and lemon to boiling hot water and I drank it. I almost stopped but the thought of sounding like a walking sinus infection kept me pushing through to the bottom of the glass and you know what? I not only sounded less congested but I felt like it too!

2. Or any tea, really. The caffeine is a welcome boost and the hot water is so soothing on the throat. Plus, I read just about everywhere that breathing in steam opens up your sinuses.

3. Pack your meds. If you take medicine, pack it. Especially if it's the kind you take every 4 hours. You'll want it every 4 hours. Trust me.

4. Hydrate. This one may seem obvious since just about every website out there says it, but I went through 3 Camelbaks full of water a day when I was feeling terrible. Plus, everyone kept telling me to drink water so there must be truth to that statement.

5. Eat, even if you don't want to. When I'm sick, I tend to lose my appetite but low blood sugar isn't going to do my any favors. I usually stick to mild to bland flavors (like warm soup or a grilled cheese).

6. Concealer and blush are your best friends. When I told my sister I was going to have to go to an interview with high octane allergies, her response was, "Make sure you wear a lot of makeup." And it's truly amazing the difference good makeup application can make. Tinted moisturizer, concealer, and blush took my pale, sunken cheeks and the dark circles into my eye into the picture of health. Plus people stopped asking me if I was sick, so that was nice.

7. Use Vaseline generously. My work doesn't have the softest tissues (like, they don't spring for the ones with aloe. I don't usually either, so I don't blame them) which meant that after a day of blowing my nose consistently, I'd chafed it red. It wasn't a good look. Ever since I was little, my mom taught me that the best quick-fix for ultra dry skin was vaseline. Before bed, I put some under my nose and on my lips and woke up chafed-skin-free!

I hope you guys have immune systems of steel and never have to deal with things as annoying as allergies or cold, but if you do, I hope these tips help!

Good Vibes

I've always been a big believer in good vibes. That you get out of the universe what you put into it. Ever since I was in high school, I'd let cars into my lane when I wasn't in a hurry and I resisted the urge to honk when someone did something silly because it was my hope that I was earning one entry into a lane at the last minute or a not-honk when I deserved one. It seems kind of silly typing it out now but I like to think that there's a sort of balance to it all.

The reason I'm rambling on about my world view is because I could really use some good vibes from you guys this week. I'm currently finishing up a fellowship at a job I love and I just learned that they're hiring a full-time position for the same exact job. Because it's government-affiliated, they have to go through all of the proper procedures but my supervisor suggested that I apply and I figured, why the heck not? Now my interview is today and I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed it goes well!

In the mean time though, I'll be a nervous wreck since I get the joy of watching the applications roll in plus I'll be watching applicants stroll in and out of their interviews. I've never been in quite this situation before but if anyone has some insight, I would really appreciate it!

Happy Tuesday and wish me luck!


A Rainy Weekend Recap

This weekend managed to be a success despite the fact that it started raining Friday night and literally did not stop until Sunday morning. Some of my best friends (and sister) came in from out of town and we hit up the Panic Room (again by popular demand) and it was just as fun as it was the last time. We did the "Bomb Room" this time which meant we had one hour to find the "bomb" and escape the room. Somehow, we managed to do it in 47 minutes. I genuinely have no idea how we got out so fast but it made us feel brainy and successful all at once! 

Plus, finishing a bit early wasn't a problem since we had dinner reservations to get to. Given all of our new free time, we decided to walk the few blocks and rehash our greatest moments. Does anyone else ever do that? Start talking about an experience almost as soon as it's over? I've always been a big "Instant Replay" kind of person and luckily, so were most of us. 

For dinner, we were trying a new (to us) place called Arro. It's on West 6th Street which meant that the white, non-descript building was surrounded by bumping, music-filled places. The energy seemed to transfer inside and it was wonderful. The whole place was filled with great music and conversation, cheeses and tons of wine. 

Arro, which bills itself as a French restaurant, definitely follows the French method of dining. There was a healthy amount of time between the drinks, the cheeses, the entrees, and the dessert and that was just fine by me. It as nice having time to catch up with people I hadn't seen for a while and nibble on different cheeses and a ton of bread. (I have a thing for carbs). Plus, it took us a super long time to decide what we wanted to order. Once we did decide though, it seemed like we all ordered the same thing.

I guess I don't really wonder why. The steak (and fries!) were delicious. It didn't dawn on us until the plates were cleaned that we probably should have ordered different entrees so that we could try more of the menu, but I don't think we had any regrets. 

Finally, we wrapped it up with a tiny profiterole filled with the best (and only) hazelnut ice cream I have ever had.

J and I slept in the next morning then eventually ventured out to see The Martian. It was so good! Even though I'm starting to think more and more that space movies stress me out. 

Have any of you guys see it? Any thoughts? I've been meaning to read the book so hopefully I'll get back to you guys about that soon! How were your weekends? Hopefully the weather was a little more cooperative!

Linking up with Her Heartland Soul for the weekend roundup!

Fan of Fridays Vol. 3

Happy Friday, everyone! I can't believe we're almost at the end of October. It's mind-blowing how fast this month has gone by but we've still got one good week left! This week's highlights were/are:

1. Birthdays! It's my birthday today and while generally I wouldn't make too huge a deal out of it, some of my best friends from undergrad and high school are coming into town and I'm so excited to see them. Now that we all live in different towns, reunions come few and far between so I'm especially grateful for when they happen!

2. On that note, I found this article on how friendship changes during adulthood super interesting. Every few years or so, I end up moving and it has a noticeable impact on my friendships. Not necessarily in a bad way, but it's a change nonetheless. [Also, in the event anyone is interested in Royal happenings like I occasionally am, this article is worth a read!] 

3. The Day Designer hype. I'm a huge planner nerd and ordered my first Day Designer during the presale this week! If you're interested, today's the last day to pre-order and get a fun pack of stickers with your order! If you're a daily planning/list making fanatic, I'd highly recommend this one.

4. Star Wars. I have been a Star Wars fan for as long as I can remember. It was one of the first movies I watched with my dad so not only was it a great bonding experience but a chance for him to instill his fandom in me. I guess it worked because I have been obsessing over the trailer all week! Bah! So excited for opening night!

5. I feel like my blog feed is full of about a million topics and I absolutely love it. Angela from the Sunday Chapter has great advice about fighting anxiety, Eliza talks about picking the proper primer, and May is doing a cool introduction series accompanied by serious gorgeous pictures. 

Hope everyone's weekend is A+ :) 

The Weekly Happy Hour: Parkside

I just wanted to thank you guys for your supportive comments on the 'What's the Point of Blogging?' post. Like a lot of you guys, I resist the idea of blogging being 'dead' because I resist the idea of losing this space where I can talk about important things and also, fun but probably less important things (in the grand scheme of the world). Even though, I'm not sure that spending time with friends is ever unimportant. Goodness knows I would go crazy without midweek socialization.

This week, it was my turn to pick the happy hour and because I missed last week, I was eager to hit the ground running. The website for Parkside immediately drew me in. Fries? Cheeseburger? Mac and Cheese?? It seems like the perfect, warm place to take refuge on this dreary, almost rainy day.

Park side is on Dirty 6th, a place I'd been a thousand times before but I'd never noticed the little restaurant tucked away on the corner. At 5:30, the place was already popping and the atmosphere was fun and Friday-esque.

I got a drink that was part strawberry Stoli, part champagne and part sugar and it was so, so good. For most of my of-drinking-age life, I've tended to stick with the same things so it's a nice change of pace trying drinks I wouldn't have otherwise tried.

Having been put on notice that there would be cheeseburgers, I tried to eat healthy during the day which meant I was starving when I got there. I got the cheeseburger, Karlz got the fried egg sandwich and Ferj got the ceviche and it was all so tasty. The fries were those crispy, wonderfully salty kind and were served with a garlic aioli. It was the perfect offset to the sweetness of the drink. Like, I'll be honest, I wish I was eating it right now.

We were tucked in a corner booth and it was the perfect place to talk about our jobs, the holidays and the very real stress of waiting for Bar results. 

I'd definitely come back with friends, with J, or even with a good book. Such a delicious, well-priced and centrally located place! Plus happy hour, which runs till 6:30 is half price off of cocktails, beer and the bar menu! 

Like with all happy hours, I was sad to see it end but I did see this really strange thing outside of Roppollo's, a drunken night out institution on 6th. Not surprisingly, there was a massive line of people waiting to take a picture with it. Oh, Austin. 

Here's to hoping the rest of the week flies by! 

Overall rating: 4/5

What's the Point of Blogging?

Today is National Writing Day! A fact that was lost on me until I saw it trending on Twitter. I don't know what this says about me as an aspiring writer but I find it fortuitous that National Writing Day falls on the same day I read a post declaring that blogging was dead.

It came as kind of a blow to me. My first thought was, "But no! I'm just now starting to meet these super interesting people and I love reading about the things that are important to them." I'd be pretty bummed if all of the blogs I read just up and vanished. Where else do you see people talking so openly and passionately about the things that matter to them?

Then I thought, maybe some kinds of blogging are dead but community-based and community-minded blogging isn't. And hopefully it never will be. I have met so many people from all over the world I know I wouldn't have met otherwise through this blog. On a daily basis, I get to learn about how lives are across the oceans. I see coats and shoes I might have missed in my own online shopping. I learn crafts. I pick up recipes. Having access to blogs is like having access to a repository of people who know things and who like sharing what they know. And that's awesome.

I know blogging is sometimes likened to shouting, "Hey look at me! Look at what I have to say!" to which I respond, what's wrong with that? What piece of literature out there exists for a purpose other than "Hey look at me! Look at what I have to say!" Even the seminal works like Frankenstein, 1984, and Great Expectations exist because someone had something to say.* Writing is writing. Ideas are ideas. And yeah, maybe some blogs are up to their metaphorical eyeballs in RStyle links or are so carefully curated, they give the Louvre a run for its money, but again, so what? Issues of non-disclosure, tax, etc. aside, it's just a more prettily packaged Amazon and I, for one, really like Amazon.

And this whole train of thought got me thinking: why do I blog? Why put in the effort day in and day out for what essentially amounts to an Internet window display? Part of it is because I like to write. I like sitting down at the end of the day and verbalizing how things went. I like to put down on (virtual) paper the things that do and don't make me happy at this very moment in time. It helps me make sense of myself and the world around me. The other part of it is that I like a ton of things. I like TV shows, movies, books, shoes, makeup and recipes and I love meeting other people who love those things, too.

On that note, I know I follow a lot of you already, but if I don't, I'd love it if you'd drop me a link so that I can see what you have to say. And I want to thank you guys for taking the time out of your day for reading what I have to say. Writing can be a very solitary thing and blogging makes it just a little less so.

*Totally not comparing blogs to 1984, just trying to make the point that writing is writing, no matter the form. 

Survey of Fall TV

So I was down with some funky bug this past week which meant that my productivity took a nosedive but my TV watching increased exponentially. For most of the evenings, I posted up on the sofa with a big fleece blanket and the pups and caught up on a ton of shows that came out this fall.

Overall impressions:

I know this show gets flack sometimes because it went through a decidedly unfunny period but the end of last season and the beginning of this season (so far) are as good as the series in its prime! Besides, truthfully, I never stopped loving this show. I've got a thing for crazy, quirky families.

I'm admittedly a BBC fan girl and have been watching the Doctor Who reboot for a few years now. I found the first few seasons on Netflix and it's spiraled into the obsession it is today. I love how sassy this new Doctor is though this season has sort of thrown me for a loop. I have faith in Peter Capaldi, though. You show those aliens who's boss!

GUYS. This show. In the spring, I went through a rough time and my friends decided I needed a distraction. Enter Empire. It was perfect because it was out-of-this-world dramatic and addicting at the same time. Season 2 has not disappointed. Plus the songs are pretty catchy, too!

Another accidentally-found-it-on-Hulu-now-I've-finished-the-season-what-is-life type shows. It's hilarious and adorable :) A rare combination for the CW. 10/10

I still need to catch up on the last season, so I haven't started watching this one, but the need to know what is happening with the great Olivia Pope is eating at me. For those of you who have seen this season so far, how is it??

Shows I'm Keeping Tabs On:
Heroes Reborn, Scream Queens, and Fresh off the Boat. I'm planning on catching up (or starting in some cases) on these as soon as more free time opens up.

Let me know if you have any other suggestions to add to my TV watching queue! I'm always on the lookout for new shows to take on :)

Spooky Spaces: Halloween Decoration Guide

Guys. I love, love Halloween. Really, I love all of the holidays between October and December to an unhealthy degree and Halloween is the first chance I really have to go all out! Because J and I are in different cities this year, we've gotten to pick two different themes to run with. He is clearly into the Zombie/Scary theme...

J's door for reference. Courtesy of Target Dollar Spot! 
And I'm more into the Spooky/Witches/Black cat scene. (Alternative themes include: Day of the Dead and Slasher Chic of course).

So for the Spooky/Witches/Black cat theme, I'm thinking glittery black candles, gold accents, and some aged-looking wood to give it a Knockturn Alley-type feel.

/ 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10
When J and I first started decorating for Halloween, I remember a bunch of the stuff available being super cheesy (all orange, black, and pumpkin) so it's been nice to see some variety pop up! I also love the fact that a ton of stuff (the tea light candle holder, the black glitter candle, and even the flask) can be used for other things since they aren't so overtly Halloween-y.

Best of all, this lets me combine my love for Harry Potter and Halloween into one fun theme! I think this'll make the perfect place to post up drinking warm cider and watching Nightmare Before Christmas (Is this a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie? I'm not sure we'll ever know).

How to Shake Off the Mid-Day Slump

Hey guys! I wanted to apologize for not responding to your great comments! I've been fighting off a nasty bug and have been spending a ton either sleeping or wishing I were sleeping. I'm heading back to work today and I'm hoping to have at least a somewhat productive day, unlike Tuesday.

On Tuesday, I was at work sifting through cases and writing summaries and I noticed I was working slower and slower. Finally, I just couldn't focus at all. I drank coffee but it didn't help. I re-read the same sentence 10 times and I still didn't fully comprehend it. It was that kind of day. The problem with those kinds of days is that they can derail your productivity for the week. I didn't have 8 hours to lose to inefficient, groggily skimmed work methods. I needed to get my head back in the game.

Whether or not you're sorting through research, studying for a final, or even cleaning the bathroom, we all have those days. These are some ways I've found to shake off the funk and get back on track!
  • Listen to upbeat songs. Maybe even dance around a little. Dance can trigger an endorphin release that can perk you up and brighten your day.
  • Try on some moves for size. Office yoga might just be the thing you need to relax an work through some of the frustration of the day. 
  • Eat a sugary snack. I like to recommend fruit because it's a healthy option as far as sugary things go but some days, you might just need to mosey on over to the store and buy a slice of cheesecake. And that's okay, too.
  • Take a walk outside. If you can get out for a bit, the fresh air can definitely liven you up. Coupled with the increased blood flow from your physical activity, it might result in a better mood once you're back on task!
  • Read something engaging. Trying to read dense material when your brain is out to lunch isn't helpful for anyone. Instead, accept that these are going to be lost minutes anyway, and take 15-20 minutes for yourself. Read something that interests you or that makes you laugh. It can get your brain thinking and engaging again!

What do you do when you fall into the workday slump? 

Playlist for Fall

I like to make a new playlist every time the season changes. I've read that music is great at invoking memories and I like listening to a song years later and thinking, "Hey, that reminds me of Fall 2008." Plus, I've always liked the idea of creating soundtracks to my seasons. Spring is usually acoustic and mellow songs. Summer brings the party jams. Fall, then, is an interesting hybrid of both. There's the songs that are perfect for sitting next to a bonfire and then there's the songs perfect for dressing up for a Halloween night out on the town. (Winter is just Christmas music added to the Fall playlist).

Though I'm still working on rounding out this season's, I wanted to share with you guys my playlist so far! Warning, though, I have super eclectic taste in music so it's hard to describe what type of music is likely to appear on the playlists. For the most part though, it's just sounds that remind me of the season.

I hope you enjoy!

Life Lessons from the Courtroom

As part of my job, I get to go to hearings a few times a week. The first few times, I was mostly just overwhelmed at the sheer amount of things I'm going to be expected to remember. Then, once it started to feel more familiar, I started paying attention to the behavior of the attorneys and witnesses. What started off as a list of 'What To Do/What Not To Do' became a list of more generally applicable Dos and Don'ts. Who knew life and courtrooms had that much in common?

So without further ado....

  1. Be still and listen.
  2. People try to help you more often than you think. If you're not careful, you might miss it.
  3. Being the loudest doesn't make you the most powerful (or the most effective).
  4. Be the river, not the stone.
  5. Know before you speak. If you don't, at least think before you speak. If you can't, don't speak.
  6. Don't get ruffled by the whispers.
  7. Pick your battles. Not everything is a war.

North Carolina Wedding Weekend

On Friday morning, J and I packed our bags and sleepily made our way down to the airport for a wedding weekend in North Carolina! Though we didn't get to sleep in, we did (or I guess, *I* did) pick up a salted caramel latte (which comes in 2nd place to the reigning favorite, Pumpkin Spice) and entertained ourselves with giant checkers, until I realized I was going to lose and waved the white flag.

We had a quick layover in Charlotte before bumping over to Raleigh. When we landed, the first thing I noticed were how tall the trees were. I know that sounds a little ridiculous but Texas is all about those big, open spaces. I'd almost forgotten that trees could grow so tall and that they could be colored yellow, orange and red. In Texas, trees are either green and blooming or dead. There really is no in between.

His aunt's house (where we were staying), is this gorgeous wooden house with rustic details hiding around every corner. Since we landed kind of late, we only had time to eat dinner and then curl up with wine and fleece blankets on the living room sofas before his cousin put on American Horror Story: Hotel. (I'd never seen any AHS before so I didn't really know what to expect. Even then, I was floored by some scenes. Like. What.)

The next morning, I had these grand plans of taking pictures of the trees for you guys but it ended up raining all day long. The sky was a gray overcast and the rain hitting the roof was enough to about lull me back to sleep. So it was back to the sofas and the fleece blanks for Saturday morning football until it was time to get ready.

The wedding was about an hour's drive away on an island in the middle of a lake. By the time we arrived, the temperature had been steadily dropping all day but there was a break in the rain. I was able to snap some photos of the tiny details before the ceremony began.
When you need a ferry to get to your ceremony, you know you've made it

It was a beautiful wedding but the wind coming off the lake kept reminding me of the fact that I was absolutely freezing. J lent me his suit jacket but even then, I swear all of the tiny little hairs on my legs were standing straight up.

They had an open bar (blessedly) and with the insider knowledge that wine can make a person feel warmer (though not actually be warmer), I grabbed a glass and made my way to the reception (not blessedly, still outside).

Cutest table marker in the history of weddings
We ate, drank and eventually, danced the night away. There was a fire pit a little ways away that J and I roasted marshmallows over and warmed ourselves by before hitting up the dance floor again. (Disclaimer: we are both awful dancers). Then Sunday morning, it was another early flight followed by a long day of travel before I got back to Austin.

All in all, this weekend was a blast and I'm so glad I got to spend some time with J's family. I'd forgotten how tiring traveling can be, though, so tonight, you'll find me tucked into bed at an early hour.

I hope you all had a great weekend, too!

Fan of Fridays Vol. 2

Happy Friday! This week went by fast but I won't lie, I'm glad it's over. Each day was jam-packed and I'm looking forward to a (slightly) slower paced weekend. This week, I've been a fan of:

1. The Cinnamon Pumpkin Muffin candle from Target. They have a small size for $5 and a bigger size for $10 and when I first bought it, I got the smaller size because I tend to have candle ADD. But this candle smells amazing. I burned through the first one and ran back to Target for the bigger size! They smell so so good and are reasonably priced for a candle. If you're heading to Target, you should add it to your cart!

2. Travel days! J and I are leaving this morning to North Carolina! It's his cousin's wedding and his dad invited us to go up. I haven't been to North Carolina in a long time but from what I remember, it's beautiful. Plus, they're having cooler weather than we are, so I'm looking forward to this tiny taste of fall!

3. The new Sherlock trailer! It's no secret that I love TV, yet another reason why fall is one of my favorite seasons. But there's always a handful of shows that come out in January, including the new season of Sherlock! It's been so long since I finished the last season, I'm going to have to do some re-watching to be ready for the premiere. Any other BBC fans out there?

4. This possum cuddling a toy kangaroo! I'm a sucker for all things animal related so naturally, this melted my heart. No lie, when I first adopted Keller, I had hoped he'd be the kind of Chi who cuddled with tiny stuffed animals and who carried them around the house. Because I had these aspirations for him, no surprise, he has less than 0 interest in anything fluffy (besides blankets). Go figure. In the mean time, I'll keep looking at pictures of this possum.

5. The fall fashion all over the place. You guys know how I feel about fall and it does my soul good to know I'm not the only one obsessed with the upcoming sweater weather! Laura, Jen, Lauren, and Caroline are some of the ladies I've seen around the blogosphere killing it! Seriously, if you're posting about peacoats and ankle boots, holler at your girl. I'd love to read it!

What are you loving these days? Hopefully a fantastic weekend is one of those things! Happy Friday :)

The Weekly Happy Hour: Italic

This week found us all a collectively cranky, tired mess. You guys already know how I feel about Wednesdays in general but today was especially bad. After a 3 1/2 hearing that got out late, a terrible headache and backache, and the knowledge that I have a ton of packing to do tonight, I was worn down. Weirdly enough, Nat, Karls, and Ferj all felt the same way. So "Happy Hour" became the Complaining Hour and you know what? It was just what the doctor ordered.

This week, we went to a relatively new haunt called Italic. Due to said tiredness, I didn't get too many good pictures but they had a giant, suspended glass case of wine so that was pretty cool.

They had $4 glasses of wine and happy hour cocktails (I got the wine if you couldn't tell) as well as a few starters including a giant ball of cheese for $8. Yes please!

They also give some free sandwiches with the purchase of a drink so that's definitely a selling point! Overall, it was a decent happy hour. I particularly loved the part about the wine and cheese. Like most places downtown though, parking was terrible. Foodwise, they had some olives and prosciutto (pictured above), for $8ish and $10 respectively. Besides that, they had some $17 pizza which is just a little bit more than I was prepared to pay for pizza so I filled up on bread.
If you're really into Italian food or you're looking for a glass of cheap wine, I'd suggest it! Otherwise, you might want to have a quick peek at the surrounding blocks that are filled to the brim with restaurants.

Overall rating: 3/5

Fall Favorites

1 / 2 / 3 /
5 / 6 / 7 /
Part of what makes fall my favorite season (besides the holidays, the weather, the pumpkin spice, the salted caramel, and football) are the clothes. Don't get me wrong, I love a sundress as much as the next girl, but there's something about boots and scarves and sweaters that make me go all heart-eyed.

Since the weather is just now approaching 'cool' in Texas, I'm only now pulling my fall wardrobe out of its boxes and starting to scope out the stores for new additions. This year, I'm digging:
  • The bucket bag trend
  • Mixed metals
  • Leather details
  • Stacked heels 
  • Riding boots (my forever love)
  • And chunky, funkily patterned outerwear 
I've already managed to add some good things to my watch list. I like to find good pieces and then watch their prices for a few weeks/months because usually, they'll get discounted 5-50% at some point over that time period. Then I'm ready to snatch them up!

What are some of your favorite fall trends?

How To Increase Your Morning Productivity

Mornings, especially Monday mornings, can be rough. It can be hard shaking off the tiredness and remembering where you left off the day before. Because I don't like spending too many hours spacing out, I've been trying to find ways to be more productive in the morning. Here are some things I've found that work for me.

1. Make a list before you leave work or go to bed of the things you want to accomplish the next morning. This will give you a type of roadmap to utilize before the coffee's kicked in!

2. Start drinking your caffeinated beverage of choice (if applicable) about 30 minutes before you actually need to be productive

3. Wake up at least an hour before you need to leave for work. Everyone's groggy and kind of disoriented in the morning. It's best to leave that for stumbling around your apartment, so you're bright-eyed and bushy-tailed when you get to the office or school.

4. Ease your way into the day. Break up a big problem into tiny, manageable chunks and start knocking them off your to do list. Otherwise, the big problem will start to seem overwhelming and may discourage you from starting!

5. On that note, sometimes it can help to make a rough schedule for your day. While this may not work for everyone, I find it best if I outline my day at the beginning, using my list from the night before as a starting off point. This way, I'm motivated by my self-imposed deadlines and I keep moving instead of getting bogged down in a single project all day. My list looks something like:
  • 9 - 11 am: Research
  • 11 am - 12 pm: Draft memo 
  • 12 pm - 1 pm: Lunch/Errands
  • 1 - 1:30 pm: Administrative things/meeting with attorneys
  • 1:30 - 3:30 pm: More research (sometimes continued from this morning
  • 3:30 - 5 pm: Outline task list for new projects.  
6. Take breaks. Studies have shown that workers are most productive when they work for 52 minutes then take a break for 17. Breaks are great for letting your brain sit on the idea for a while and who knows, you might have a stroke of brilliance when you come back!

I hope everyone has a decent Monday!

Fan of Fridays

It's Friday! We've conquered another week! Work wise, it was a pretty steady week with my hours filled from the moment I walked in to when I left in the evenings. Socially, it was kind of hectic, but in a good way- full of friends, delicious food, and tiny but tasty drinks. We are one month out from the bar results and I think we're all growing cognizant of that fact. I had my first freak out yesterday which does not bode well for the rest of the month!

But overall, October is hands down my favorite month. It's the first month it starts feeling fall-ish in Texas. There's football, pumpkin spice, and riding boots all over the place and it's my birthday month!

Here are some things I'm a fan of this Friday:

1. They found water on Mars! It's crazy to think about how long we've been exploring the planet (comparatively) and we're just now noticing this. Makes me wonder what else might be hiding up there....

2. This month, Sephora has an Origin sample box as their 500-point gift and included was the Checks and Balances face wash. HOLY COW YOU GUYS, I highly recommend hustling on over to Sephora and getting your hands on this. It smells like a peppermint and feels like silk. Not to mention, my face has felt so smooth and clean since I've started using it.

3.  The weather is finally starting to cool down in Texas which means boots are back in my life! I'll be doing a post about my favorites soon, but just having them sitting in the closet instead of packed away brightens my day!

4. The HONY series on Syrian refugees. For those of us not directly impacted by what's happening abroad, it's hard to fathom what these people are going through and exactly what is happening overseas. Brandon from HONY is interviewing refugees as they arrive in Greece as well as Grecians who are offering their help. The result is the most emotional, powerful series I've seen on HONY. Definitely worth a look if you haven't seen it yet.

Hoping everyone has a great weekend!